We are excited to announce our own little data project: #DearDuo.

What is it?

We have committed to track different themed data about ourselves, but the twist is we will visualize each other’s data.  We don’t really have any other rules, except to have fun with it. 

Why are we doing this?

This is mainly an effort to continue challenging ourselves to visualize foreign data sets to help build our skills, but it is also a great way for us to get to know each other better.  We have become great friends since starting this blog.

When will we publish?

We plan on publishing our visualizations and blogging about our results monthly starting in September 2016.  We have already started tracking things.

Where can you find our work?

We will publish all our work on our new #DearDuo page.  We will also tweet out our blog posts, so follow @thedataduo on Twitter.

Who are our influencers?

We clearly took some inspiration from Dear-Data and Dear Data Two.  Well actually, we pretty much ripped the idea off, but we gave it a twist.  We are both very much influenced by #MakeoverMonday to create something beautiful and functional out of unfamiliar data sets.  Also, we both had a great time visualizing Jeremy Poole’s incredible biscuit consumption here and here.

How can you (the community) help?

We already have a number of themes figured out, but we welcome any comments below if you have a good idea for us!  Any feedback is also appreciated.

We hope you will enjoy following along in our #DearDuo journey as we learn about each other.

Thanks for reading.

Pooja and Adam

7 thoughts on “#DearDuo

  1. Debra J. Crahen

    Ideas for Data: Exercise across a week, screen time (how it’s spent), beverage consumption, free time activities

    1. Adam Crahen

      Good ideas, thanks Mom.

  2. kriebela

    I love this idea! Vizzing each other’s data is a nice twist and will be a great way to practice with unfamiliar data sets. Have fun!!

    1. Adam Crahen

      Thanks Andy. I’m fairly certain we’ll learn some things we didn’t want/need to know through each other’s eyes!

  3. Pooja Gandhi

    Thank you, Andy! You and Jeffrey were definitely our inspiration for this project. We are both excited to learn more about each other. Let us know if you have any ideas for us 🙂

  4. This is so awesome. Looking forward to following this. I think you should include “music” as a topic and definitely something “food” related. And how about pets? (if you have any)

    1. Adam Crahen

      Thanks Jeffrey! This is so fun. I’m sure you felt the same way with Dear Data Two. Thanks for the ideas, a couple of those ideas are on the list right now.

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