Campaign red meat sometimes turns into reality.

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Crippling the EPA

The Trump administration, in its 2018 budget, has proposed drastic cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency that will gut its ability to perform its core functions.

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A 32% reduction to the overall budget

A 23% reduction to the workforce

"We're not spending money on that anymore."

Over 50 programs are slated to be cut.

Not just reduced. Eliminated.

The next pages highlight some of the largest ones.

Other key programs slated to be cut

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Great Lakes Restoration Funding to combat water pollution problems in the world's largest group of freshwater lakes.

(2016) $289 million | (2018) $0
Non-Point Source Pollution Mitigating pollution from land runoff into waterways.

(2016) $165 million | (2018) $0
Climate Protection Programs Partnerships with industry and others (e.g. Energy Star) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

(2016) $70 million | (2018) $0
Chesapeake Bay Program Funding and research to restore & clean up the country's largest estuary.

(2016) $67 million | (2018) $0
Puget Sound Funding and research to restore & clean up the second largest estuary in the country.

(2016) $27 million | (2018) $0
Water Quality Research & Support Grants Funding for programs across the country that ensure water quality and availability.

(2016) $26 million | (2018) $0
Leaking Underground Storage Tank Prevention Funding to prevent petroleum storage tanks from contaminating drinking water systems.

(2016) $25 million | (2018) $0

This is our only environment.

It requires protection.

We can't colonize the moon if we mess it up.

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