Fooducation – IronViz

Fooducation – IronViz

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Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 9.14.05 PMThank you for stopping by to read! Just so you are aware, this is my very first blog. Before, I begin here is a little something about me. I love data! Of course, you figured that out when you landed on our site. I have always, even as a child been observant and wanted to know why things work a certain way, my father can probably speak to how much of that curiosity was sheer annoyance. No better way to let my curious mind wander than the world of data visualization. The reason this is a perfect platform for me is so I can communicate with the world why I do things a certain way when it comes to visualizing data.

I will get straight to the point. Last year I attended my first Tableau Conference 2015 and found out they hold an annual Iron Viz contest, participants of which are chosen via three feeder contests held in a period of 6 months. I knew I wanted to participate the following year, and like we know, time flies when you are having fun. The time was here, before I even knew.

The topic of the first feeder contest was to visualize food data, you can read more about the competition here.

I didn’t know until I started working on it, that apart from being a major foodie, I could even enjoy visualizing food data! My initial thoughts were to find an interesting dataset, connect to Tableau and start dragging and dropping pills until I find what I like. That never happened. Finding the right dataset was the toughest and then merging them all to create one story? Well, that was 7 days later.

I grabbed the data from various sources in hopes to create an impactful story. See the credits tab on the interactive version to see a list of data sources I used.

I created this visualization in hopes to fooducate people and help them make the right decisions when it comes to cooking and feeding their families. I thought that was a terrific topic. Not only does it let you interact with the data and help you plan what you should eat but also teaches you the importance of making the right decisions and delivers an impactful message.

From here on, it was easy. I put together a fun, interactive dashboard that is designed based on user preference. In the first few story points, I fooducated the user on high level topics like, how much money should you spend on food and which food types should you spend money on. From there on, I allowed the user to play with, ‘what’s in your food’ story point to help them decide on the right food types based on nutrient content. Once they knew, what the food they consume contains, they are taken to the recipes tab. This allows selection of a few items based on low and high calories and gives them a nice overview of ingredients, recipes, calories and nutrients.

Nothing comes easy in life, we all know that. So I thought a nice exercise story point would do complete justice to burn off the calories consumed. I wanted to choose images that are motivating and help the user get fit and active. So I did just that. Because this was in a story point format, the moral of the story seemed fitting. So I included ‘advantages of home cooked meals’ tab to conclude the story.

I haven’t done a lot of detailed analysis on design and data, because I am being easy on myself for this being my first blog. I would welcome any and all feedback. Thank you for reading!

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