Hurricane Animation

Hurricane Animation

Untitled GIFA few days ago, I created a visualization of every hurricane NOAA had recorded from 1841 through 2015.  I created a GIF to show the animation using the pages shelf in Tableau.  Unfortunately, this animation does not work when published on Tableau Public.  I tagged Zen Master Allan Walker because he had recently published some animated content.

He was kind enough to hook me up, big time!

He sent me some responsive HTML to animate it.  It uses HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3.  I know nothing about these or at least not enough to speak on it intelligently.  You can see some examples of Allan’s work and the how-to steps here.

Once, I saw how he did it, I was able to tweak things out a bit.  There are so many marks in this data set, I opted to show a moving 5-year visualization of all the hurricanes.  I am really happy with the result and will look for opportunities for using this again.

The hardest part of this whole thing was embedding it in WordPress.  I tried a bunch of different plug-ins, but none would work.  Allan again pointed me in the right direction using an iframe.

<iframe src=”yourhtmlfile.html” width=”width of wordpress container” height =”suitable ratio” frameborder=”0″>

I ended up uploading the html file to my WordPress site via FTP and then from there it was smooth sailing.


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