#DearDuo 1 – What’s Pooja Been Up To?

#DearDuo 1 – What’s Pooja Been Up To?

Welcome to the first month of our data project called #DearDuo.  Pooja and I will be tracking different themed data sets and providing them to each other to visualize each month.

In our first month, we agreed to track data about our hobbies.  Pooja says she is boring and this won’t be a good topic to visualize, but let’s see what we learn about her…

First off, Pooja is boring!  I’m just kidding!

The Data

She provided a very clean 41 row data set tracking dates and time spent reading and working on her data visualization hobby.  She also was kind enough to give me URLs, classify each activity as reading/dataviz, and even categorized the type of activity.

The Design

I wanted to try and visualize this data set in Pooja’s style.

  • Layout: If you didn’t already know from the Tableau WannaBe Podcast, Pooja was given the nickname #FloatingButterfly for a reason.  Needless to say, I was obviously going to be 100% floating this dashboard.
  • Background: Dark background was a no-brainer too!  I think I can count on one hand the number of light backgrounds in Pooja’s public work.  Oh, and I love em’ too!
  • Images: Definitely!  I actually started this dashboard by floating Pooja’s #DearDuo image on the dashboard.  This was a great inspiration!  She was smiling at me the whole time!
  • Colors: Pooja is always happy.  There seemed like no better time to break out the  new Tableau 10 Jewel Bright color palette.
  • Viz: I don’t really pre-plan this part.  It usually just works out. However, there was one thing I did plan.  Pooja loves the highlight label actions!!!  I was finally going to borrow one of her tricks!

The Actual Viz

Hover, hover hover!  Hover anywhere!

The visualizations were not hard to create, but I spent a bunch of time on calcs and actions in this viz.  I wrote a whole bunch of calcs to turn minutes into hours and minutes!  Why so many?  Go ahead and hover somewhere in the viz below!  The title will change text and colors depending on what you hover on.

Also, the colored text “read” and “Dataviz” in the paragraph section are actually sheets that will filter the entire dashboard.  Did I mention Hover yet?

I added some custom shapes for each news organization to give the bar chart at the bottom some interest.  Also, the dataviz projects did not have any icons so I created some in PhotoShop.  These shapes are on a dual axis in a single sheet.

Tooltips are one of my favorite things to customize, I just had to leave them on in one worksheet.  In the stacked bar chart at the bottom, I used an ascii character to denote a link in the URL action shown in the tooltip.

I created a view to analyze this data from a bunch of angles. So…

What did I learn about Pooja?

There are some clear spikes going on in this data.  It turns out Pooja is a big fan of #MakeoverMonday!  Who knew?  Also, it is #IronViz contest time again and Pooja has been clearly working hard on her viz.  It appears Pooja does a lot of her Dataviz work in the beginning of the week and then picks up reading in the later half of the week.

Pooja takes the time to read just about everyday!  That’s pretty impressive.  I did notice she did not do a whole lot of reading on September 9th.  I wonder if she might have been celebrating being named a TABLEAU ZEN MASTER!!!

Her guilty pleasure is reading Buzzfeed.

She is trying to decide if she should get an iPhone 7 or a Galaxy Note 7.  Lets help her out with this decision.  Vote for your choice using the buttons below:

Thank you for joining us on our nerd journey through data.  Pooja, the ball is in your court!

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