#DearDuo 1 – Adam’s Love for Mountain Biking

#DearDuo 1 – Adam’s Love for Mountain Biking

Welcome to the first month of our data project called #DearDuo.  Adam and I will be tracking different themed data sets and providing them to each other to visualize each month.

In our first month, we agreed to track data about our hobbies. Adam keeps talking about how he loves taking his bike out to ride in the woods. He recently went to Virginia Beach with his wife and kids and didn’t leave any chances to share his amazing outdoor pictures while I was in the office, working! He loves to annoy me. I mean isn’t it so clear?

You will probably see this act of his go into one of my future #DearDuo tracking, just kidding!

The Data

So I have to agree, I was overwhelmed with a large dataset Adam provided me with. I had to speak with him on the phone to understand a few fields in his dataset. But he was kind enough to explain and answer all my questions.

The Design

An outdoor activity like mountain biking definitely calls for a design that is more ‘outdoorsy’. So that is what I went for. Plus, some of his rides were from his vacation time, so it only seemed fitting that I use happy and vibrant colors. I used flying birds along with a call-out cloud to indicate Adam’s thought on a specific day of his ride. I thought this aligned well with the overall theme of the dashboard.

I didn’t spend a lot of time trying to visualize or makes things complicated. I used a view to visualize his speed per timestamp when a specific date is selected in the filter.

The map view shows his speed, distance, pace and altitude at which he was riding on a specific date. The colors are driven by a parameter that colors either by distance traveled, speed or mile grouping.

I used a call-out sheet on the top section to include demographic information along with his average speed and distance traveled by date.

Adam’s tooltips in all of his work is something I am a huge fan of. I have never seen unattractive tooltips on his work. So I wanted to somewhat mimic his style, I hope it comes across as such.

Learnings About Adam

Looks like on August 31st, while enjoying at Virginia Beach, his average speed and distance traveled was lower than his other rides in New York. It also looks like during most of his rides, he is happy and feels good about riding (evident from his notes for each day).

On the same day, he says he was biking from 5:13 PM to 6:43 PM but he stopped 41 times in between apparently for ice cream, bathroom, napkins and playground. I think he stopped for beer, he just doesn’t want to say it.

Vacations are always a good time, and looks like Adam enjoyed it as much I as I enjoyed visualizing his bike rides.

Thank you all for reading. Be sure to be on the lookout for #DearDuo 2 in October 2016. Follow our journey on #DearDuo on twitter and follow @thedataduo to get regular updates.

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4 thoughts on “#DearDuo 1 – Adam’s Love for Mountain Biking

  1. Debbie Crahen

    Very cool!

  2. Rebecca Crahen

    This is the wife. 🙂 Just had to say I found it so entertaining we stopped 41 times at VA beach!! That’s what kids and a wife who never bikes does to your stats! Unfortunately no beers. 🙁 I think the multiple stops were also due to slow cyclists and clueless pedestrians on the bike path.

  3. Adam Crahen

    The ride definitely contributed to beer run later that night!

  4. Pooja Gandhi

    Thanks for the comment Rebecca! I think you and the kids made it an interesting dataset 😉 I found that pretty interesting too, that ya’ll stopped 41 times. If I were biking, slow cyclists would have contributed to a whole another dataset. Glad you all enjoyed your vacation! 😊

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