#DearDuo 2 – Move, Get Out Da Way!

#DearDuo 2 – Move, Get Out Da Way!

Welcome to the second month of our data project called #DearDuo.  Pooja and I will be tracking different themed data sets and providing them to each other to visualize each month.

In our second month, we agreed to track data about our annoyances. I have been waiting for this one! I had an idea what Pooja was tracking, but I laughed my ass off when I looked the data!

The Data

She provided a very clean 39 row data set tracking annoying slow drivers she passed or as Pooja says, “over took”. She included lots of goodies for me to explore like speed, color of the slowest moving car, and even what she was thinking at the time of each incident. I didn’t use everything, but I think Pooja is better at this tracking data business than I am!

Bonus Data Set:  Pooja also tracked every time I annoyed her by sending her a GIF.  This was pretty funny, but I chose not to visualize this data because I think she has a data quality problem.  I sent her WAY more than 5 GIFs during this time period.

In a show of good faith, here is the annoying GIF data:


And my proof:


The Design

I again wanted to try and visualize this data set in Pooja’s style. After all, I don’t want to annoy her during annoyances month, she might be tracking it!

  • This meant 100% float, dark background, happy colors, images, and hover actions.

The Actual Viz

I wanted to use a line chart since I had a decent amount of data over time, but believe it or not there were some days Pooja didn’t pass anyone.  I decided to exclude these days from the line chart and just focus on the # of cars she over took.  I added a barcode chart at the top to visually show the days she was not annoyed.

I had to feature her thoughts in this viz since they were hysterical.  So I used a trick to get this text to wrap inside a rounded annotation.  I floated this sheet above an image of her and used two additional floating text boxes using unicode dots ● of different text sizes to complete the thought bubble.

I used three different hover actions to get the user experience dialed the way I wanted. Users can hover over anything to get to the story without any tooltips.

I also floated some transparent images of gauges over two additional sheets to give the feel of her Civic Cockpit.  I used a trick I learned from Pooja about floating empty PNG images over the logos for The Data Duo/Twitter and set URLs to those webpages.

What did I learn about Pooja?

I thought I was an aggressive driver, but Pooja put up some impressive stats here! She passed 141 cars in a little over a month. On days she passes people, she averages about 4.5 cars per day. The amazing thing is her average speed while passing is only 47 MPH!!! I want to track my own driving habits now to see if I am even in the same ballpark.

So in short, “Move, Get Out Da Way!”

Here is the viz:

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