#DearDuo 2 – Please, Go to Bed!

#DearDuo 2 – Please, Go to Bed!

Welcome to the second month of our data project called #DearDuo.  Adam and I will be tracking different themed data sets and providing them to each other to visualize each month.

In our second month, we decided to track data about our annoyances. Adam shares with me a lot about their two loving daughters – Penny and Zoe. I think they are two adorable kids. Don’t you all think the same?


This month, Adam tracked data on number of times the kids says his girls got out of bed after bed time which was annoying to him. He shared with me a dataset of 2 columns and 194 rows tracking number of times the kids got out of bed between August 19th to September 30th.

The Data

I thought the dataset Adam provided me with was simple and up to the point. This meant, I didn’t spend a lot of time unlike last month studying his data. I     jumped straight into creating a visualization.

The Design

The kid subject compelled me to use kid-like colors. Adam shared with me some of Penny’s and Zoe’s photos that were very colorful. So I decided to use a mix of blue, yellow and pink. These colors worked well with their images and everything came together quickly.

Since the data had timestamps, I thought a line chart showing the kids’ activity would be justified and so I used the kids’ images as the driver to change the line chart based on action filters. I used a Gantt chart to show how the kids differed in their activity on a specific day.

Adam also shared some data about how many times the kids asked ‘are we there yet’ on their recent trip to Virginia and on the way back home which I did find hysterical but I did not visualize it because to me the data was too good to qualify for annoyances, it was more cute to me. Here is a snapshot of the data he shared:


The <death look> response on 8/25/2016 is epic! I can’t stop laughing even as I type this.

Learnings About Adam

Putting kids to bed 164 times repeatedly in 30 days of tracked activity sounds insane to me. On an average Adam was annoyed 5 times a day. Also, he is more annoyed by Zoe who stepped out of bed 135 times vs. Penny who annoyed him only 57 times.

It seems like nothing of what Adam and his wife have tried which includes – walk them back, threaten them, take stuff away have worked and the kids keep getting out of bed.

Maybe Adam needs to try some Parent Hacks, I am sure he will get used to hacks pretty quick considering his recent genius hacks which have all been very popular. You all know what I am talking about!

Hey Adam, here is something that you might find helpful. Let me know if it works!!

Thank you all for reading. Be sure to be on the lookout for #DearDuo 3 in November. Follow our journey on #DearDuo on twitter and follow @thedataduo to get regular updates.

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2 thoughts on “#DearDuo 2 – Please, Go to Bed!

  1. Debbie Crahen

    Nice visualization Pooja! And…. you retained their cuteness–;) Adam should think about the fitness factor going up and down the stairs– the girls are keeping him healthy;)

    1. Pooja Gandhi

      I know right?? Retaining their cuteness was my number one goal apart from having fun of course! And, I think Adam isn’t complaining about all this exercise he is getting 😉 or is he? 😉 Thanks for the comment, so glad you like it! 🙂

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