#DearDuo 3 – The Data Duo goes to #Data16

#DearDuo 3 – The Data Duo goes to #Data16

Welcome to the third month of our #DearDuo data project. Pooja and I will be tracking different themed data sets and providing them to each other to visualize each month.

In our third month, we thought we would ask you, the community, to help us out by collecting data at the Tableau Conference. Pooja has been busy moving to a new city and job so as you can imagine, she hasn’t had a lot of time to track data this month. The Tableau Conference came at the perfect time to help out! Thanks everyone!

The Data

We developed a a brief Google Form asking people if the met Pooja, myself, or both of us at the conference. They were then asked to guess our heights. If they met both of us, we asked them which of us was more fun.  We thought we could have some fun with these simple questions.  People always say Pooja is short and well…she is. Haha, just kidding Pooja! I don’t think you are that short, but I checked and the data says below average.  πŸ™‚

We tweeted the form out at the conference a few times. Also, it was actually a great way to start some laughs as we met many new friends during the week. In fact, Pooja and I had never met in person until last week. So we also filled out the form for each other. My favorite part of the conference was meeting Pooja and all the other great folks in our community. The coolest part was being recognized as ‘The Data Duo’ and not so much Adam and Pooja. We are team and that was awesome! Here a just a few of the great people we met!

The Design

I’ve have been floating everything lately so why stop now? This dashboard is 100% float again. Dark background of course!  I used a lot of calcs to customize tooltips, labels etc. I floated some images to help illustrate our height difference using reference lines. Pooja and I got some The Data Duo photos at the conference, so I created “her favorite GIF”. I hosted the GIF on our site and used a webpage object to display it.

We were so excited to meet everyone at the conference that we decided to give out some The Data Duo swag to a lucky respondent to our survey. We used none other than Tableau to decide the winner. We used the hidden random function in Tableau and sorted Name in descending order of the random number – whoever had the max number wins. Here is the video of our winning selection using the Tableau random function.

Congratulations Chloe Tseng

The Actual Viz

<>Pooja and I started working on the viz side-by-side in a hotel lobby, which was just awesome!  It was so fun working together in person. We taught each other a few tricks just by watching each other viz. It was a bit sad later when we had to say goodbye.  I don’t think I am alone in saying the post-conference withdrawal is REAL!

I started with Pooja’s new favorite GIF right in the center of the dashboard. I added some text about our trip to the conference and a big thank you to the community for helping us out with the data.

The first thing I added was a line chart of running totals on who was more fun. I was curious about the timing of the votes so I created a bin based on hour of day to see if there were any patterns.

I wanted to highlight the community that helped us so I did a word cloud of  everyone’s Twitter handles.

I also wanted to analyze the community’s guesses on our heights. I created a gantt bar chart using some fixed axes to give some spaces. I floated images under reference lines to help illustrate the height difference.

To make this all work really nice, I added some Pooja-style highlight actions as you hover over the various charts.  I used some dual axis tricks to control what was being highlighted.

The result is a little busy, but I tried to add some separation by floating in various lines.

What did I learn about Pooja?

I learned quite a bit about Pooja this week. She is kind, sweet, and has a great sense of humor! She smiles all the time! She had the largest/heaviest suitcase I’ve ever seen in my life.  And, oh yeah, she’s short, but not too short. πŸ™‚

We got to work together on our #MakeoverMonday submission during the live session. This was such a a fun time where we bounced ideas off each other, created some quick views and a nice URL action, and Pooja rocked the dashboard. We made the big screen and Tableau’s blog.

Also, thanks to the community, we learned Pooja is more fun than I am! It was a close call though. I do have to admit, Pooja and I peaked at the numbers during the conference and I may have campaigned for some votes (particularly after happy hour started)…and she still won.  I picked up more votes at the beginning of happy hour, but the data suggests Pooja left a better lasting impression (probably that smile again) as she picked up some late night votes.

We did allow multiple votes. Brittany Fong gets the award for the most active with 5 forms submitted! I counted the multiple votes because one of us could have been more fun on a particular day.  However, if we do a distinct count,  the vote comes out in an exact tie! How fitting for the data duo, but I am a gentleman so I will give the vote to Pooja!

Finally, I want to congratulate Pooja on her selection as a 2016 Zen Master!  I got a front row seat to see her on stage.  Pooja you rocked it this year and definitely deserve this honor. I’m proud of you, keep it up!  She is so zen she fell asleep up there!

Thanks for reading. Here is the viz:

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