#DearDuo 3 – Which half of the duo was more fun at #data16?

#DearDuo 3 – Which half of the duo was more fun at #data16?

Welcome to the third and the most exciting month so far of our #DearDuo data project. Adam and I since the past three months are providing each other different themed datasets to visualize each other’s activities/interests in a fun way.

What an exciting month this is for us! Contrary to popular belief, Adam and I met for the first time last week at #data16. We launched The Data Duo on April 27th, 2016 and since then we have become great friends, so it was finally great being able to meet him face to face.

This month we thought of involving the Tableau community to help us collect data that we could use in a special edition of #DearDuo. We came up with a short and a sweet survey to kick off the best week of the year, as our way to find out what people thought of The Data Duo.

I was so happy to see, so many of you participated and acknowledged us as The Data Duo and not so much Adam and Pooja individually. Part of the reason, why we are a team and not so much solo data visualizers. Over the span of 6+ months, both Adam and I have taught each other numerous little things about Tableau.

The Data

This wasn’t too complicated this month, we wanted the data collection process to be simple and not overwhelming so we could maximize our conference experience. There have been a lot of hype about how ‘short’ I am. So one of our questions was asking the community to guess our heights. If the community met both Adam and I, then we asked them to compare who is more fun. I didn’t think initially how much fun this would be.

We met a large number of people at the #DataplusWomen event (organized by Emily Chenty and sponsored by Eva Murray and Exasol) on Sunday before the conference began. This survey was a wonderful way to talk to people and we shared many laughs along the way.


The Design

Since this was about the Tableau community and their support, I started off with my favorite picture from #data16:


I kept the overall design of the viz very minimal with only one chart showing people who voted for either Adam or I. Clicking on the overall numbers highlight the boxes with the names of people who chose Adam or I.


Finally, I simply used our image as a way to show what the average guess of our height was. Pretty simple.

We were in awe of the fact, that the most frequently asked question at #data16 to us was, how was The Data Duo formed? So I included our story in the viz itself.

What did I learn about Adam?

Adam is exactly like what he has shown during numerous conversations I have had with him before the conference. He is humble, genuine and most importantly supportive. I have always looked up on Adam but, I didn’t think I’d have to literally look up to him, this man is tall (but not David Murphy tall) ☺️

I also learnt that Adam has quite a bit of persuasion power, well with all the vote campaigning he did, it was pretty clear 😉. Although, he is an absolute pleasure to be around and if you happened to have drinks with him, you already know what I mean.

I admire Adam’s dedication and discipline on this blog and beyond and hope to be as talented as he is someday!

Thank you all for helping us with the data collection process. Our winner for @thedataduo swag is Chloe Tseng, congratulations!

As always, if you have questions and/or comments please let us know in the comments below. See you all at #data17, we will be sure to come up with another fun activity.

Click here to see an interactive version of this visualization!

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