#DearDuo 4 – Adam’s Music Listening Patterns!

#DearDuo 4 – Adam’s Music Listening Patterns!

Welcome to the fourth month of our #DearDuo data project. Adam and I since the past four months are providing each other different themed datasets to visualize each other’s activities/interests in a fun way.

This month, we decided to track our music tastes. Adam tracked his music listening patterns via a chrome extension to scrabble data to Last FM. I listen to different platforms while performing various activities throughout the day, so my data was tracked manually and was aggregated by time spent listening to music, rather than individual/discrete timestamps. I don’t have that good a memory to remember timestamps, after all!

The Data

As always, the data for this month that Adam provided was clean and simple, nothing too complicated. Before I even saw his data, I knew I am going to include a frequency chart to mimic sound frequency to give an overall musical appeal to the dashboard.

Adam and I talk on a regular basis, so I did know that I am going to get a somewhat large dataset this month and I did. He listens to a variety of songs by Vokab Kompany, Twenty One Pilots (there is even a beautiful visualization that he created on the album sales, check out the visualization here) and Fein to name a few.

The Design

I started with a frequency chart showing number of songs Adam heard in 52 days from Oct 6th through Dec 1st. He listens to way too many songs and the data was spread across more than 1800 rows. I wasn’t sure what I should do with all the row level detail (as there were just too many records) to make the visualization clean, simple, effective and yet beautiful.


I ended up using action filters in a way that, clicking on a bar in the frequency chart filters, the songs he heard followed by a tree map displaying artists. I used a two way hover action in the song bars and the tree map, hovering over either or highlights its corresponding detail.

I also added two line charts, showing the hour of day and the weekday he spends most time listening to music, as I thought that was an interesting fact about his listening patterns.

What did I learn about Adam?

I learnt that Adam obviously is a FAN of listening to music at various times of day, too bad he didn’t list his activities while listening to music, that would have been fun. Although, some of his activities are pretty clear from the data. On an average, he listens to 27 songs a day – most of them at 9 AM on the mornings of Mondays and Fridays, is there an explanation needed as to what he must be up to at 9 AM? Guess not! Another interesting point was that he heard 3 songs at 4 AM the morning of Nov 6th. Maybe he was traveling to Austin that day? His most listening occurs between 7 AM to 6 PM and then dies down in the evening hours. Guess then he switches to watching TV! Look at the power of data! We found out what he was up to, without actually knowing his literal activities.

While writing this blog post, Adam had already finished his blog on this month’s #DearDuo about my music tastes and listening patterns. Guess another thing I learnt about Adam in this entire time frame that I’ve known him is, we are strikingly similar. Both of our visualizations for this month are extremely identical, even colors.

As usual, this was a fun month to explore each other’s music listening patterns and tastes. We can’t wait for the New Year’s first month data set. Hope everyone has a great rest of 2016, happy upcoming holidays!

As always, if you have questions and/or comments please let us know in the comments below.

Click here to see an interactive version of this visualization!

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