#DearDuo 5 – Our Sleeping Patterns

#DearDuo 5 – Our Sleeping Patterns

Welcome to the 5th month of our Dear Duo project.  We are changing things up slightly for 2017.  We will be publishing a single post each month written together rather than 2 separate ones.  The biggest reason is we want this project to be more collaborative.

The Data

This month we tracked our sleeping patterns, and admittedly, we both did a real shitty job!

Adam – Pooja’s data was pretty simple.  It was just three columns consisting of a date, the time to bed, and the wake up time.  This wasn’t too bad, but some of the days where she went to bed in the early AM needed the dates to be adjusted manually:).  I ended up creating an additional wake up date field and a bunch of calcs in Tableau to translate minutes slept each night to a hr and mins format.

Pooja – This month Adam and I decided to track our sleeping patterns. He provided me with a 135 rows of data from August 20th through December 31st. He included fields like start time, end time, woke up by and number of times snoozed if he woke up by an alarm.

How can it be the first data duo blog of 2017 without some fun? 😊 So here goes. He usually calls out on me saying the data quality is always poor. Oh boy, was his data quality poor this time? Very! Apparently one of his data points showed he went to bed on 8/18/2016 at 11:33 PM and woke up 8/09/2016 at 7:40 AM. I mean, really? How does that happen? I even took a screenshot of it!

Another issue with his data was, he had notes for his ‘woke up by’ field in which he had texts of this sort. I wonder what those extra exclamation marks mean? Was he trying to make my life hard? Probably! I had to individually change rows in his dataset to make it look like he is a normal person and doesn’t go to bed and wakes up back in time!

The Design

We are noticing our styles are becoming more and more similar as we continue working together.  This is probably a natural progression or maybe we are just learning/stealing from each other?

Adam – My design was pretty consistent for this project, I again used floating, dark backgrounds, and hover actions to tell the story.  I really like how the hover actions allow you to explore the details.  I created some clocks with background images and annotations to show the time Pooja went to bed and time she woke up.  I used some simple bars with gantt bars to show how many times she went to bed in each hour.

Pooja – I wanted the design to be straightforward and simple, after all the data was messy! 😂 I included top 4 reasons with which he wakes up by at the top left section of the dashboard. Since his woke up by reasons were all over the place, I decided to use a target sheet based on hover action on the line chart showing his sleep times as the source sheet. I used labels for only min and max values on the line chart to give the user an idea of his least number of hours slept and his max hours of sleep.

Adam helped me with calculations involving FLOOR() and I used ‘hrs’ and ‘mins’ as labels so the minutes slept is better understood by the user.

What Did We Learn?

Adam – On average, Pooja slept about 7 hours and 36 minutes during December.  She is pretty consistent during the work week always waking up in the 7am – 8am hours, depending on how many times she hits the snooze button apparently.  On Friday and Saturday, Pooja is a bit of a night owl and goes to bed more in the 1am and 2am hours.  She talks to her family a lot on these days due to the time difference.  She clearly gets a lot more sleep than me!

Pooja – On an average, he sleeps for 6 hrs and 19 mins. On November 5th, he slept for only 2 hrs and 52 mins because I am assuming he had a flight to take for Austin to attend the Tableau Conference 2016. On December 18th he slept for 10 hours which also happens to be the max time he has spent sleeping since he started tracking this data.

I also learnt that 26 out of 74 days he woke up an alarm, he didn’t snooze even once. And 37 out of 74 days he hit snooze once, 7 days out of 74 he hit snooze twice, 3 days out of 74 he hit snooze thrice and only 1 day out of those 74 days he hit snooze 4 times. This is very unlike me, I hit snooze 5 times every day.

The Vizzes

Our interactive dashboards are below.  Thanks for reading!

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