#DearDuo 6 – Work Can Be Fun Too!

#DearDuo 6 – Work Can Be Fun Too!

Welcome to the 6th month and the mid-year point of our Dear Duo project.  As noted last month, we are changing things up slightly for 2017.  We will be publishing a single post each month written together rather than 2 separate ones.  The biggest reason is we want this project to be more collaborative.

The Data

This month we both decided to track a work related activity. I have recently changed jobs and work in a prime downtown location of Comcast. The building architecture is phenomenal. However, the use of elevators at Comcast is pretty adventurous because you literally have to wait in line to get in every single morning. And so, I decided to track which elevator I get into each time I use one.

Adam on the other hand also had a very adventurous co-worker, Rody Zakovich who is known for his extravagant dataviz work in the Tableau Community and I believe is also the youngest current Tableau Zen Master. Go Rody! Rody is always eager, willing to learn and push boundaries.  However, that eagerness also translated into him pinging Adam within minutes of Adam logging onto his computer every morning.

Adam decided to track Rody’s eagerness from August 2016 to January 2017, after which Rody officially gave a notice of leaving his current job at the DOI. I am sure Adam misses you Rody!

Adam–  Pooja gave me 90 rows where each row represented a trip she took on an elevator at the Comcast Center in Philly.  Apparently, she works late…and takes lunch at 11:35 PM…

Sometimes, she had spaces between the AM/PM indicator and sometimes she didn’t.  Sometimes, the reason she gave included the floor number and usually it didn’t.  I had to chat Pooja and ask a bunch of questions.  I ended up changing some of the reason text slightly so it would work in a dynamic sentence.

I really wanted to try and do something with animation and mapping the movements up and down, but when Pooja went to lunch it could have been to the 43rd floor, the 44th floor, the basement or out of the building.  I could not always tell if she was traveling up or down (she works on the 30th floor).  I settled for adding a path and path order to the data and you’ll see why in a second.  Here is what the final data looked like:

Pooja – I was provided with a 73 row dataset which had fields like, time Adam was visible, time Rody says good morning, minutes elapsed until Rody messaged Adam and an annotation field indicating any remarks in the data. Here is what the data looked like:

The data was simple and concise. Looks like Adam is good at heeding advice; I think he learnt from last month to provide me with a clean dataset 😉

The Design

We are about to reach one year of The Data Duo blog launch and at this point, it is pretty evident that our visualizations are consistent with branding, our logo, certain background colors, fonts and general stylistic effects. This month is no different!

Adam – This month, I decided to go full on “transparent” for my design.  We all know Tableau doesn’t have transparent worksheets, so I utilized background images to give that appearance.  I used SnagIt to cut out various sections of the main image of the Comcast Center and meticulously floated them on top of the main image lining them up perfectly.  I used a few tricks to get the images on the four “transparent” charts so download it if you are interested in how I did it.

I included some dynamic text to show the count of elevator rides, to describe what elevator Pooja took and where she was headed.  This text was long and needed to wrap so I used this annotation trick on top of a background image.

I created a Tableau calendar so you could see the days she was in the office.  There were two holidays and she had car trouble one day.  I know what you are thinking… no, her bumper didn’t fall off this time.  I think it was the battery.

I also used the path and path order fields I added above to create a kind of vertical step chart by week.  I wanted to show the running total of trips on the elevator, but I also wanted to break the line when she was out of the office and weekends.

I used hover actions and I really like how every chart is tied together.

Of course, this project is all about fun, so I included a little jab at Pooja’s data collection for the month.  Sorry Poo!!!!! <- (DearDuo5 joke)

Pooja – I recently participated in #VizForSocialGood project lead by Chloe Tseng and thought of using some of my own elements from that viz here in this month’s DearDuo viz.

Here is the link to my #VizForSocialGood entry, in case you’re interested.

I used dashed squares as a frame for both Rody and Adam’s round images and used a separate sheet that shows after how many minutes did Rody message Adam.

I used a simple line chart to see the trend of minutes after which Rody pings. There were times when Rody messaged Adam, even before Adam logged on to his computer which I thought was quite funny. Those data points are colored red by creating simple IF/THEN calculations.

Although, I have been liking the white background lately, black/gray still seems to be a more intuitive choice of color for DearDuo.

What Did We Learn?

Adam – Pooja has a pretty consistent schedule.  I suppose it helps that she takes the train to work so she arrives and leaves work at about the same time every day.  However, Pooja arrived at work on January 10th at 7:56 AM and did not leave to go home until January 12th at 4:57 PM.  I wonder if she was tired from working overnight because she did venture out for an afternoon Starbucks fix at 3:13 PM on the 11th.  Boy, Josh Tapley must work his people hard…OR…maybe she missed tracking some data?  Nah, the chances of that are low. 😂

Speaking of odds, Pooja has a 12.5% chance of riding on any of the 8 elevators (assuming they are all equally likely).  I learned that Pooja rides elevators #3 about 23%, #4 about 17%, and #2 about 16% of the time.  She didn’t ride any other elevator more than 11% of the time.  What is going on with elevator #3?  Is some jerk hitting the button for every floor on the other cars?  I hate it when people do that, well unless I’ve had a few beers…then it is hilarious.

Pooja – I learnt that no matter what, Adam can track any and every thing. I mean, who would have thought of tracking your co-worker’s eagerness? 😂 I also learnt that Rody is quite fast! 13 out of 73 days tracked where Adam and Rody worked a normal schedule, Rody messaged him just within 2 minutes of being online. 18 days out of the total 73, Rody messaged Adam within 0 to 3 minutes. And 4 days Rody messaged Adam 2 to 14 minutes before Adam even logged on, talk about diligence. On October 6th, Rody took as long as 35 minutes to message Adam because he was prepping for Hurricane Matthew evacuation. On 4th January, Rody messaged Adam after 62 minutes post being online – too much partying during New Years maybe! 😂

Thank you for following along our journey, we are mid-way through our project and appreciate your support and encouragement along the way. If there is anything you would like us to visualize about each other, please do not hesitate to let us know. We would love some creative ideas on topics. Thank you for reading, until next month!

Here are our vizzes:

5 thoughts on “#DearDuo 6 – Work Can Be Fun Too!

  1. John Erdman

    I was lucky enough to attend today’s Upstate NY TUG meeting and just wanted to thank Adam for an inspirational presentation.


    1. Adam Crahen

      Thanks John! I had a lot of fun speaking there! Hope to see you at the next one.

  2. Stacey Roberson

    I think I’m in love with this team! Not only do you produce incredible workbooks chock-full of creative design but you share (or seem to share) a comradery many never experience with colleagues. Keep up the great work!

    1. Pooja Gandhi

      Thanks for the feedback Stacey! It has been a fun journey so far since starting this blog, we have had a lot of laughs and fun with this and definitely share a great camaraderie. We are so glad, you like the work created by The Data Duo! Thanks for stopping by, hope you continue enjoying our collaborative efforts.

    2. Adam Crahen

      Thanks Stacey! Pooja has definitely become my best friend. I’m glad that shows through our work!

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