Involvement with the Tableau Community!

Involvement with the Tableau Community!

Of course on a fine evening on a Saturday, when I am  sick with fever, I have Tableau on my mind. Recently Emily Chen tweeted me asking, how/when/why have I joined the Tableau Community?

My response. More than 140 characters required to answer this question and an excuse to write up a blogpost.

When did Tableau become more than a tool I use at work? Honestly, I do not remember. I believe it was last year in February 2016, when I first participated in #MakeoverMonday.

Obviously, everyone has their own reasons for being involved in a group/activity they relate themselves with. My top reasons for being actively involved in the Tableau Community are (in no particular order):

Constant Learning

Being actively involved in the Tableau Community has opened many learning opportunities for me. Be it calculating something I don’t know how to or working with a dataset I am completely clueless about. I am always learning from every single person who is involved in the community. The reason I say constant, is because learning never ceases unless you cease to learn. I still have a long way to go, which is why I am still active and engaged.

Channel for Feedback

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that there are a lot of smart people in the Tableau Community. By being involved and willing to learn, I have an open channel for feedback. Everyone who I have asked to review my work have gladly offered feedback and I have always found it useful. Having a fresh set of eyes review your work can go a long way. Willingness to seek constructive feedback helps you learn, improve and grow.


I have been able to collaborate with leading talent in dataviz because I am actively participating in most if not all community projects. The beauty of collaboration and not competition is that you are open and comfortable providing and receiving feedback because you are both (assuming collaboration between two people, can be more of course) learning to better yourselves and not competing to win over the other. It’s a team effort not individual gain. What you individually do gain though is persistence, learning to encourage, to be committed and being consistent with your work.


Being involved with the community has meant that I have personal relationships built with people all over the world. Everyone who I talk to on social media and then eventually end up meeting at local user groups, coffee shops or Tableau Conferences have become some of the best friendships that I value and cherish.

New Ideas

Not a single day goes by that I don’t see something new and different simply by keeping up with news and being involved with the community. This is such a nice way to get inspired and learn new things you didn’t already know of. New ideas bring freshness to your jobs, lives and your vizzes of course.


Being involved and continually participating in various projects made my work visible to the outside world. It helped me build a portfolio that I wasn’t even looking to build initially. It helped my work being noticed by potential employers. It helped others see how visibility can go a long way!


Whether you’re actively looking for a new employment opportunity or not, it is always good to have connections built with people who know your work speaks value. It’s a changeable world; job markets, personal interests and demand of skills change rapidly nowadays. By being involved I have connections built with employers and recruiters which can come in handy should anything change in my professional interests.

These are some of my reasons of being involved with the community. What are your reasons to be involved with the Tableau community? What motivates you? I would love to learn what others do to be successful in their endeavors. Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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