The Data Duo 👫 Completes 1 Year!

The Data Duo 👫 Completes 1 Year!

Time flies when you’re having fun is SO true!

It’s been one full year since The Data Duo launched a joint venture of blogging, vizzing, learning and networking. And boy, what a year it has been! We blogged and we vizzed. We built friendships and we celebrated accomplishments. But in the midst of busy times, we also took time to have fun and relax a little. Happy Birthday, The Data Duo!

Let’s take a look at The Data Duo activities over the past year:

52 blog posts featuring how-to, #IronViz, #MakeoverMonday, #DearDuo, and various Contests

Checkout our blog posts here.

More than 210 beautiful and functional data visualizations featuring a wide range of topics including but not limited to sports, education, politics, health, natural disasters, food and film.

Check out our responsive gallery here.

Started a quantified-self data project called #DearDuo where we exchange themed datasets each month, poke some fun at each other and create fun visualizations.

Check out our #DearDuo pieces of work here.

We have spoken many times about how #MakeoverMonday has helped us learn and improve our data visualization skills. Last year The Data Duo had a 100% participation rate in this social data project and we couldn’t be more assertive about the fact that it is a single best thing that led to our learning and networking with the community.

Checkout our #MakeoverMonday work on our gallery here.

In just 1 year, we managed to get our twitter following to more than 920 data rock stars.

Checkout our amazing followers, their professions and our Twitter profile here.

Both Adam and I have also been heavily involved in the #VizForSocialGood initiative led by Chloe Tseng of Twitter. Both of our visualizations were picked by UNICEF for use in their media publications. You can check out our vizzes here and here. More about #VizForSocialGood here.

Together with Shawn Levin of Comcast we also scored Tableau Public’s Viz of the Day (VOTD) fame with this stylish visualization about past VOTDs (click on the image below to see an interactive version).

In July last year Adam was named a Tableau Social Ambassador (announcement here) and in September Pooja was named a Tableau Zen Master (announcement here). We have had a great year!

We heard from numerous people from different parts of the world about the work we have done this past year. Check out what they had to say about The Data Duo:

I think I’m in love with this team! Not only do you produce incredible workbooks chock-full of creative design but you share (or seem to share) a comradery many never experience with colleagues. Keep up the great work!

 – Stacey Roberson, United States

Thanks Adam for introducing me to ParseHub. This is really helpful.Just so that you know, I found Pooja and you on Tableau Public. And in my endeavor to build Tableau expertise, I am “stalking” both of your twitter accounts, this blog, and your Tableau Public visualizations regularly from past one week. Cheers and keep them coming!

– Nitin Dhawan, India

Hey Pooja – Thank you for writing this blog! Firstly, your viz is simply stunning. I love your composition, choice of color and attention to detail. Reading through the step by step thought process of why you’ve chosen each element, it makes so much sense how the viz ends up being such a work of art, and incredibly informative. Keep up the incredible work, we’re lucky to have people like you in the community who are so willing to share their expertise.

– Fi Gordon, Australia

I love this idea! Vizzing each other’s data is a nice twist and will be a great way to practice with unfamiliar data sets. Have fun!!

– Andy Kriebel, United Kingdom

This is so awesome. Looking forward to following this. I think you should include “music” as a topic and definitely something “food” related. And how about pets? (if you have any)

Jeffrey Shaffer, United States

Apart from this, we have also been approached to provide consulting services and have been invited to speak, present and inspire on various occasions. We spoke with Matt Francis and Emily Kund on the Tableau Wannabe Podcast earlier this year. You can check out the podcast recording.

We were also interviewed by Rajeev Pandey where we answered various questions about Tableau and data visualization. Check out our interview here.

Our upcoming presentation will be at the #DCTUG on May 25th in Washington, DC. If approved, we will also be speaking at the Tableau Conference 2017 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, NV.

If the opportunity presents itself, we might also be speaking to the Analytics and Data Science Graduate Programs at the University of New Hampshire later this year about Tableau and use of data visualization to foster meaningful communications using data.

And of course, we don’t just work. When it comes to play, we leave no stone unturned either.

Last year when the lesser fun half of The Data Duo happened to be in Philly, he got to relish the taste of Philly Cheese Steak and visit friends in New Jersey.

A few days ago, when Adam visited Philly to celebrate our year-long joint partnership, we invited friends, popped champagne, relished good food and celebrated a year full of achievements and accomplishments. We are grateful to have such amazing co-workers/friends for the support they provide and for the constant encouragement we receive. Thank you, team Comcast for tagging along with us to celebrate.

Data Duo Party!

What a fun, fulfilling and an enriching year it has been. Here’s hoping the next year is full of fun, success and accomplishments as well. We want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you to have contributed in a big way to our success and growth this past year.

See you all in Las Vegas and we hope to continue having fun while blogging and vizzing.

Also, just in time for our 1 year completion, we also got our business cards printed and they look cool! Going to Vegas? Be sure to stop by and grab one!

Thanks for reading!

Adam & Pooja 👫

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