The Data Duo at #DCTUG

The Data Duo at #DCTUG

Usually my new year’s resolution doesn’t quite stick until the end of the year. Just before the new year began I asked the community what their resolutions for the new year were? For me, it was to be able to participate in as many public speaking initiatives as possible.

And luckily, I have been presented with a bunch of these opportunities this year including speaking at Comcast’s Tableau Innovation Day in Denver, CO/Philadelphia, PA and looking forward to have more chances to speak along with the other half of the data duo, Adam.

Our first virtual joint talk this year was on the Tableau Wannabe Podcast, which was awesome because we got to talk with Matt and Emily who are both great people. Beginning of the year, Brittany Fong asked us if we wanted to do a talk for the upcoming #DCTUG in Washington, D.C. We gladly accepted the offer and were looking forward to speaking live for the very first time.

Sometime around April, Adam and I started discussing the topic of joint interest and we figured we can talk about our journey as the data duo and what we did that led to our success in the past year. We were joined by Brit Cava from Slalom consulting who is also a current Tableau Zen Master.

Just the day before the actual TUG, I see this tweet from Mike Cisneros saying the baseball game that was scheduled for 4 pm changed to 12 pm due to unforeseen weather conditions. So, the TUG timings collided with the new game timings and we were bummed about that. We quickly messaged Brittany asking what are the implications of the change of timings and she quickly responded saying they are still going to have the TUG, rain or shine!

Regardless of the confusion, we showed up at the Nationals Park in our cool data duo swag. A little bit of my rant about waiting for Brittany to hand out the tickets, enjoying some lime-a-ritas and chit chatting with Mike Cisneros was all that we needed to laugh before the TUG started.

We were in a large conference room at the stadium that only had a few people just as the event was about to start. Slowly within 20 mins or so the room was packed and we were glad people made it to the event. Theirry from Tableau opened it up with history of innovation at Tableau and talked about new and upcoming features in Tableau followed by Brit Cava, who talked about using Python with Tableau.

Adam prepared our slide deck in reveal.js something that he has used a few times in the past few months. This meant that we didn’t need to carry our laptops because the presentation was available for viewing as html and on the web, such a smart move! Who wants to carry a laptop in a baseball stadium?

We talked about how we got started with Tableau, the projects we have worked on, the launch of the data duo as a blog and our collaborative data project #DearDuo. You can find the slides to our presentation below. I believe the presentation is recorded, we will update the link here once it is made available.

Click here to see the slide deck

Overall it was a great experience. We love hanging out with the DC crew. Special shout-outs to Brittany Fong, Cesar Pico, Erin Simpler Kellett, Mike Cisneros, Adam McCann, Eric Duell, Brit Cava and Chantilly Jaggernauth for the support and the fun times.

The Data Duo at #DCTUG

If selected, our next joint talk will be at the Tableau Conference in Las Vegas in October 2017! Watch this space for yet another fun activity/survey from us during that time.

Thanks for reading!

The Data Duo

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    Wow, your story is inspiring, thanks so much for sharing! Love the Tableau community 🙂

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