#DearDuo 12  – View Review and a Big Thank You!

#DearDuo 12 – View Review and a Big Thank You!

Welcome to the 12th and final month of our #DearDuo project.  #DearDuo has been a fun way to get to know each other and to keep practicing visualizing foreign data sets, but all things must come to an end.  We hope you’ve had as much fun following along as we did poking fun at each other all year.

The Data

This month, we’d thought we’d track how many views this project received since we began.  We honestly cannot believe how much feedback, interaction and laughs we received from the community through this quantified-self project.  We really thought no one would care.  If you did enjoy this project, please leave us a comment below and let us know why.

Adam – Are we done tracking data yet?  Oh, did I say that out loud?  There were no fancy tricks or apps this month.  I manually compiled a Google Sheet with all the Topics, URLs and view counts from Tableau Public and from WordPress.

Pooja – 2 months ago, when Adam and I were deciding our final topic, I suggested we track in the last month our year long posts, blog views and viz views. Our project evolved as the months passed by and we had a lot of fun along the way and definitely learnt a lot about each other via this project. As always, Adam is proactive with quickly implementing ideas. He created a google sheet with all topics and relevant information before I even knew about it! What would I do without Adam?

The Design 

We could not think of a better way to end this collaborative data project than with a viz collaboration.  Over the past year we have started doing more and more collaborative work.  We found that the product is often much better than our stand-alone work.  We both have different strengths and the combination works very well together.

Adam – I started off the collaboration with the standard data duo dark background (of course).  I wanted to accomplish a few things before I passed the ball to Pooja.  I wanted to thank everyone who has viewed, read, commented on this project and I wanted to use elements from our popular Twitter Engagement vizzes.  The design features “Pooja cards” created in PowerPoint, a photo of us (from when I visited for the data duo birthday party) and colors sampled from our logo.  I kept the viz pretty simple (beautiful and functional – like we like it).  I resisted the urge to fix the tooltips and passed the ball to Pooja.  I emailed it over with my standard message, “Here is a starter workbook, make me pretty Pooja”!

Pooja – Adam did a great job with the design as usual. Since our project involved the community, we of course wanted to thank you for all the support and encouragement in the past year.

I placed a large text box covering both the charts Adam included to maintain the standard ‘data duo’ look and feel of the dashboard. I changed the picture of the two of us from what Adam had to the one we clicked in Washington, DC when we rocked our data duo gear. It only seemed fitting to use that picture when the caption is ‘From us to you, Thank you!’ I updated the tooltips to be ‘Adam style’ and called it a day. The entire viz looks very data-duoy (as Shawn Levin would call it) ðŸ˜Š Per Adam’s suggestion, I also reduced the transparency of the thank you text box to about 60% so our picture shows through. I switched the title and caption of the bottom chart so the huge text box I added lines up with the title and looks complete!

What did we learn?

With this dataset, we learned that this community is like no other.  I mean who cares how many cups of coffee I drank or how many cars Poo passed?  You do that’s who!  In all seriousness, this project would not have been successful without all of you!

Adam – I learned there is no one I’d rather work with than Pooja.  She is smart, inspirational, strong, a good friend, and she is pretty fun!  What a combination!  I found our styles started to get more similar as we worked on this project.  Maybe it is just a by-product of working closely, but I’d like to think we learned from each other what works, what doesn’t, what we should steal (borrow), who is more fun 🤦 (although I think I am more fun now – thanks Poo!), etc.

But we still need to have some fun here…let’s recap what we learned in other weeks

  1. Hobbies – Poo doesn’t watch much TV and hates my bike data.
  2. Annoyances – Buckle up when you ride with Poo (and ask about her bumper | on the ground)!
  3. Data16 – Poo is more fun (UGH – people I’ve never met call me the less-fun half 🤦).
  4. Music – Poo should get Spotify!  She manually tracked that data and we know how good she is at that!
  5. Sleep – She gets more sleep than I do and is not afraid to hit the snooze button (repeatedly).
  6. Work – She is detail oriented.  I love the Post-It note drawing of the system Poo developed to track the elevators.
  7. Drinks – We did not enjoy using the Nomie app! Poo forgot to tap a lot (me too)!
  8. Outfits – Ok, Poo,+black,+scarf+heels is kind of a thing!  She doesn’t own sneakers?
  9. Twitter – I won the battle of Poo’s most tweeted handle!  ðŸ˜
  10. #MakeoverMonday – Poo is well-liked and she is still missing Week 22 (WTH?)!
  11. Steps – Poo needs a doctor immediately averaging 7,430 steps below the 10,000 steps per day goal!

Thanks Pooja for being you.  This was a really fun project!

Pooja – When we started this project, I had no idea what to expect. I was doubtful if it’ll be fun to do but I knew for a fact that anything I’ve collaborated on with Adam has always taught me something new, inspired me or made me laugh! #DearDuo was no different. We chose varied topics from our hobbies to what annoys us the most to how many steps we take in a given day!

So what did I learn about Adam in the past year?

  1. Adam loves mountain biking and I hate his data ðŸ¤¦â€â™€ï¸
  2. Adam loves his kids and they love to annoy him by stepping out of bed after bedtime. I know nothing about kids and their habits!
  3. Adam shouldn’t have wasted time at #data16 campaigning for votes for ‘who is more fun, Pooja or Adam’ survey. Because, I won nonetheless ðŸ˜‚
  4. Adam’s weekend probably starts on Fridays because he listens to most music on Fridays! On Oct 25th, he heard 91 songs ðŸ˜±
  5. On an average, Adam sleeps for 6 hrs and 19 mins. That’s way less than my sleeping times!
  6. It’s tough being Adam’s co-worker, beware Curtis Harris of Pluralsight. You never know when you are being tracked ðŸ˜‚
  7. Probably the worst tracking month ever! We were tracking beverage consumption and the Nomie app sucked! But I learnt that Adam had 75 coffees in 20 days! So everyone who wonders how he does it all, its just coffee â˜•ï¸
  8. Adam’s wardrobe only consists of Black, Blue, Navy Blue and Gray. Probably his dashboards also belong to the same color family!
  9. I think his viz about my twitter analytics is my favorite of the #DearDuo series. He did a great job with the viz and I learnt that 31.1% of my tweets are directed to Adam (although I thought it would be way more than that) ðŸ˜‚
  10. Adam’s #MakeoverMonday work is well-acknowledged by the community and he is one of the very few community members who is in the 100% participation club. Whether he wins ‘the most fun half’ title or not 😉 he has the 100% label covered!
  11. How does someone who works from home have more step count than I do?  ðŸ˜‚ He averaged 3,652 steps a day which happens to be more than my average but still way less than the average daily goal of 10k steps!  ðŸ˜‚

Oh boy, what an eventful and a fun year! Thank you, Adam for all the fun, laughs, inspiration and useful tricks you taught me last year. The Data Duo wouldn’t be what it is without you! ðŸ˜

Thank you for following along on our quantified-self journey.  It’s over, you can go home.

Wait, you didn’t think we were just going to go away did you?  Of course not!  We have a brand new data project starting next month called #DuoDare.  Follow @TheDataDuo on THE TWITTER and be on the lookout for our new project with all new rules (hint we need you). We are excited to get the community involved for our next project.

But before we start our new fun, here is our final #DearDuo collaboration viz:

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