#DuoDare 1 – Bob Ross Paintings

#DuoDare 1 – Bob Ross Paintings

Welcome to #DuoDare.  The Data Duo is back at it with a little friendly competition.  Each month, one of us will pick a data source and dare the other to viz it better.  We will pass our visualizations to each other for some feedback and present them to the community (you) to be the judge.  Please fill out the Google Form to vote for your favorite duo viz.  Our bragging rights are on the line so we need you more than ever!

Don’t forget, your monthly vote gets you an entry (up to 12) in our drawing at the end of the year for some free swag!

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The Data

This month, Adam chose a data set of Bob Ross paintings that was curated by Walt Hickey at FiveThirtyEight.  The data set (available on GitHub) was the background for a statistical analysis story on the attributes of the paintings from 31 seasons and 403 episodes of “The Joy of Painting”.  The data set includes 67 keyword tags that describe the content of each painting (trees, water, mountains, etc.) and totaled over 3200 individual tags.  The data was downloaded as a csv and provided to Pooja.

Hey Poo, I #DuoDare you to viz it better.

Pooja’s Reaction to the Data

In July, Adam sent me email with this dataset when we weren’t even done with #DearDuo 🤦‍♀️. At the time, I didn’t look at the data right away. This is what he sent me:

The csv he provided me with had 67 columns with 0’s and 1’s as indicators of elements unused/used in Bob’s paintings. I closed the csv as soon as I saw it 😂 and opened it again this morning to work on it considering we have a busy month coming up, I wanted to finish it today.

The Away Team: Pooja’s viz

Adam’s feedback:

As usual, Pooja does an excellent job telling the overall story from top (summary) to bottom (more granular level of data).  She used color shading and lines really well to partition the different sections of the visualization.

My favorite part is the hover action on the seasons dot chart.  A hidden sheet below will display the top 5 elements in that season when you hover and disappear to uncover instructions floating behind the sheet.  Another very subtle detail is that she added a calc to display the text ‘times’ on the highest bar which is sure to have enough room to absorb the text.  That text didn’t need to be repeated and it solves for the problem when the bar is too short.  Very smart Poo!

Finally, the hover action she used at the bottom really helps highlight the ranks over the three decade groups she created to see if the rank changed.  Good luck Poo!

The Home Team: Adam’s viz

Pooja’s feedback:

Adam’s eye for detail and incredible design skills recently won him a job at Pluralsight. Did they just hit the jackpot or what? First #DuoDare challenge and he has me in awe with this incredible visualization on elements in Bob Ross’ paintings in his popular television show ‘The Joy of Painting’.

Starting from the top with a great choice of font, Bob’s image and his painting it set the tone of ‘joy’ on my screen. The choice of a joy plot chart definitely ties the theme together. He has some sweet highlight actions that pop the chart colors a bit more as you hover. He also has really sharp tooltips with additional info.

He has a nice banner with big numbers indicating number of episodes in a total number of seasons aired. I only think this banner should have been on the top rather than middle because it’s the highest level of granularity information.

The last part of the visualization is a unit chart of all elements grouped. Clicking on a square pops the label of the element and right above that chart gives a nice detail around what episode featured the square you clicked along with all other elements that were also featured in that specific episode. Nifty indeed! You’ll want to make sure to download his workbook to see how he achieved this functionality.

Such a great viz, Adam. Working together for #DearDuo, we definitely have merging styles now. It’s now time to #DuoDare each other. I am so excited for this project and very thrilled to have the community join in the fun this year.

It’s up to you now, vote for your favorite viz below.

Voting is closed for this month, but check out the #DuoDare page for the next one.

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