DataDuo #DataKids Part III

DataDuo #DataKids Part III

My girls are becoming quite the smart little ladies!

When Penny (6yr old) came home with a ‘big project’ last week, I was relieved to find out it was a family timeline.  It had examples using collages and poster board.  I immediately asked Penny, “what do you want to do?”  She replied, “a viz.”

You had me at hello Penny.

I fired off an email to her teacher and asked if Penny could use a computer to create her project.  I shared an example of Zoe’s cookie survey from last year.

She said, “I love it Adam!  What a great idea!  Just send it to me when it is complete and I will print it off unless you would like to print it at home. Can’t wait to see her final project.”


Ok….I’ll print it.  But, we’ll still make it really cool.

The boring stuff…c’mon she is six.  She doesn’t have Alteryx.

We started with the data like all good #DataKids.  I showed Penny how to create a Google Sheet.  She did all the typing.  She of course needed some spelling help and I told her where to click and that, but she did almost all of the work.  Since she is pretty slow at typing (come on first grader…), I showed her how to cut and paste.  I know what you fellow analysts are thinking…she can cut and paste?…she is ready to do my job now!

Confession.  I had Penny build the initial Google Sheet with one record for each member of the family.  I made a copy of that sheet, did the math to create x/y fields for her to use later, and duplicated some lines so that I could create the tree structure.

Next, we needed some images of the family.  We started hunting through the Photos album and tracked down an image for everyone.  I showed her how to use LunaPic to make the photos black and white and use a cropping tool to cut out the heads.  Penny did a lot of this work too.  She gets really excited to work on a project like this!

She rocked it in Tableau!

Finally, it was time for her to work in Tableau.  With some direction from me, Penny did all the dragging and dropping, typing, formatting, etc.  She even wrote some calcs for her dynamic text!  Her older sister Zoe (8yr old) even started to get interested because Penny was having so much fun.  She came over and helped with some spelling and observed.

We decided to add some text about each family member that would update as you hovered over the faces in her family tree.  We had to go back and adjust some things in our Google sheet to get the text just right, but it was cool because she knows how to cut and paste now.

She was also telling me about learning about maps in school so we added location data to our Google sheet and built some maps.

Final Project

Finally, we practiced how she could present her work live.  It is pretty simple, hover over a face and get an updated large photo, short bio, and a map.  She was gliding around no problem.  I printed her a version (hopefully, just to be hung on the wall at school), but emailed her teacher to say if at all possible, Penny would love to see her viz up on the Promethean board so she can present it to the class. Don’t know what a Promethean board is (it’s OK, I am old too)?

She is very proud of her work!  I think her project turned out amazing!

Here are some videos and images of Penny building her dashboard.

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