2017 Recap – The Data Duo

2017 Recap – The Data Duo

The year has almost come to end. And oh boy, what an amazing year from start to finish! Lots of interesting things happened for The Data Duo in 2017 and we will highlight many of these below. Before 2017 began, I asked the Tableau community this question and I got an overwhelmingly awesome response from the community. Here is the tweet if you want to see how the community responded. Click on the twitter logo below to see the tweet!

Achieving your goals go hand in hand with learning to grab opportunities. I have been very active in the community and have always wanted to brush up on my public speaking abilities. Happy to report that I was able to deliver 16 public presentations this year including:

Comcast Tableau Innovation Day – Philadelphia, PA

Comcast Tableau Innovation Day – Denver, CO

Tableau User Group – Washington, DC

Tableau Conference 2017 – Las Vegas, NV

Making an Impact with Data – United Nations, Virtual Conference

The Data Duo Journey – Comcast, Virtual Presentation

Value of Collaboration to Advance Careers – Philadelphia, PA

Followed by 9 presentations in Asia this year (Singapore and Japan) as part of the Zens on tour sponsored by Tableau. During Singapore’s Data Day Out event I was offered to speak to a crowd of 700+ data enthusiasts which is probably the largest crowd I have spoken to. I am very thankful for all the opportunities presented to me this year to overcome my public speaking fears which has helped me be more confident on stage.

Pooja's Asia Trip


Apart from that both Adam and I accomplished some great things together as The Data Duo! In no particular order, here they are:

  • We all know that Adam is good at this Tableau thing. He has an avid follower base and is often recognized as a master of design and storytelling with data. Mid 2017, Adam got an awesome opportunity to work at Pluralsight as their Analytics Engineer. Pluralsight definitely knows how to attract awesome talent. This year they hired 3 amazing data rockstars to add to their team. Michael Mixon, Curtis Harris and Adam together sounds like a great team to work with. Congrats all!
  • Adam also got an exciting opportunity to speak at Pluralsight’s first-ever user conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.

  • Adam and I co-presented for the first time at the DCTUG in May and had an amazing time with the DC crew. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!

The Data Duo at #DCTUG

  • We both spoke at the Tableau Conference 2017 with our Tableau friends who were there to encourage us! Funny enough but Adam’s response to my “what’s your Tableau goal” tweet earlier in the year was that he wanted us to speak at the conference. Talk about achieving your goals!

It's Always the People

  • Tableau invited us to guest post on their blog about our year-long #DearDuo project that wrapped up this year. You can read the blog on Tableau’s website. Something ongoing often leads to visibility. We are glad that our dedication to the project and continual efforts to remain active in the community meant that we had lots of opportunities to share our learnings from the project.

  • Adam and I co-launched our new project #DuoDare in hopes to engage and involve the rest of the Tableau community as we help each other with constructive feedback to help each other grow. Needless to say, Adam has won many votes from the community for his nifty ideas, clever tricks and stunning designs!
  • We were invited to speak to the United Nations to talk about how we used their data to make an impact. This was a virtual conference and many other members from the Tableau community were also invited. It is one thing to visualize data and share it publicly but totally another to create meaningful and impactful visualizations that are used to change the world. Special shout-out to Chloe Tseng for running a very impactful project #VizForSocialGood that aims at helping non-profit organizations harness the power of data visualization for social change. Chloe also won Visitor’s vote SILVER for her tremendous contributions at the Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards in London last month. Congrats, Chloe! 👏

  • Adam won 2 (most technically sound and hackiest) annual vizzie awards at the Tableau Conference this year which is hosted and managed by Emily Kund and Matt Francis. Checkout all the other winners this year here.

  • I co-launched the data plus women initiative with Chantilly at Comcast in hopes to spread the chapter to the local Philadelphia region in 2018. We invited Brit Cava for our first external facing Data + Women event last week and we shared with the crowd the power of community and value of collaborations. It was a great time and we loved having Brit in Philadelphia. Next year, we hope to invite many others in the community to share their passion with #VizitPhilly.

  • We made it to Andy Kirk’s best of the visualization web.
  • Our 3rd #DuoDare was about UFO sightings. And Adam destroyed me that month with his unbeatable Tableau Public views! As of right now, his viz has more than 306K views. Both of our visualizations were published by many articles and Adam’s viz went viral that month. Adam’s viz was picked up by ‘The Independent’. Checkout these articles here, here and here. This year our blog got more than 96,000 views and 60% of those views were in November alone.

  • Last but not the least of course, we celebrated one year of being The Data Duo with the awesome Comcast crew in April.

Data Duo Party!

These are some of our highlights from the year. It’s not just these highlights that made it a special year. Knowing that we are part of an amazing community makes it all the more fun and exciting. Like every year, our major highlight of the year was the Tableau Conference 2017 in Last Vegas, NV! Every year it gets bigger and better and this year was no different. Over the years we have gotten to know so many amazing data rockstars and conferences are a great time to catch up with our friends from around the world.

We are wrapping up 2017 with some exciting goals for next year in mind. We hope to wrap up #DuoDare next year (I hope to win at least a few more than Adam 😂) We might be considering some #DuoOnTour destinations in 2018 to seek more public speaking opportunities and we of course hope to continue to engage with the Tableau Community. We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday with family and friends.Thank you all for being awesome and we look forward to doing amazing things in 2018!

See you in New Orleans, LA!

The Data Duo 👫

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