#DuoDare 5 | The NFL Class of 1983

#DuoDare 5 | The NFL Class of 1983

Welcome to #DuoDare.  The Data Duo is back at it with a little friendly competition.  Each month, one of us will pick a data source and dare the other to viz it better.  We will pass our visualizations to each other for some feedback and present them to the community (you) to be the judge.  Please fill out the Google Form to vote for your favorite duo viz.  Our bragging rights are on the line so we need you more than ever!

Don’t forget, your monthly vote gets you an entry (up to 12) in our drawing at the end of the year for some free swag!

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The Data

Well, well, well…I guess the tribe has spoken.  #DuoDare 4 (Nutrition) was a BLOWOUT!  Congrats Pooja on crushing me this past month.  Your viz was really well put together and the votes showed that.  It’s kind of interesting that the voting is either neck and neck or a total blowout!

Coming into this month, #DuoDare is deadlocked at 2-2 and only 5 total votes separating us.

Anyway, fresh off my total beat down, it was my turn to pick some data.  I decided to take the challenge to Poo with some football data.  I grew up in Buffalo and I’m a Buffalo Bills fan, even after all the let downs.  I waited 18 years for the Bills to make the playoffs (this year) just so they could score three points, THREE!

This month, I gathered career statistics from the storied NFL draft class of 1983.  I focused on the three Quarterbacks that were inducted into the Hall of Fame; 1) Jim Kelly, 2) John Elway, and 3) Dan Marino.  The data was sourced from Pro Football Reference.  It included passing statistics from every regular and playoff game these QBs played.

I’m pretty sure Poo is not much of a football fan so I am excited to see what she comes up with this month. Good luck Poo!

Pooja’s Reaction to the Data

Last month, Adam decided he’ll get me back by challenging me to visualize sports datasets. I don’t follow sports at all so it was a good challenge for me to come up with something meaningful to say the least.

When I saw the data, I was like “OH MY GOD”. I am not going to get anywhere with data that had fields like att, int, TD, QBR and I don’t know what any of it means!!!

Adam visited Philly a few days ago and we along with some Comcast buddies went to a bar and watched the Bills play! He said it was a big deal for him to go see them play but they lost and he was disappointed. Anyway, during the game he literally walked me through what each of the fields in the spreadsheet he sent to me meant and I was following what he was explaining *I think* 😂

I had already drafted the look and feel of the dashboard in my head but it took me some time, lots of Adam’s help in understanding the metrics and lots of patience to build this dashboard that I think came out great considering I have no idea about sports.

Thanks Adam for all your help this month!

The Away Team: Pooja’s viz

Adam’s feedback: I’m going to start with wow, I am really impressed. Pooja can probably count more fingers (on one hand) than she can count football games watched in her life. I know she at least watched one game because I made her watch the Bills lose. For someone who has little to no exposure to football and no understanding of passing statistics and what they represent, Poo crushed it. The design alone is again top-notch. She finds ways to make things #Poojatastic all the time. I am sure we will be seeing more of these one-sided boxes and open framing boxes in the near future all over Tableau Public.

The unit chart is a really smart way to look at the QB records over time. You can easily see win/loss results, regular vs. playoffs and other insights in the data like injuries (shortened seasons) etc. Couple this with the sweet-ass highlight chart/viz in tooltip and this section is easily my favorite.

The bottom section is classic Pooja with hover filters and highlights and really rounds out a great viz. I’m proud of what Pooja put together here on a very challenging month! I think this might be the best month. for #DuoDare

The Home Team: Adam’s viz

Pooja’s feedback: Ok wow! I had no doubts that Adam will come up with something stunning for this month’s challenge because sports data seems like his thing. I mean do you remember his Olympics and Steph Curry vizzes? Stunning!

I find it so hilarious that both of us came up with almost similar design choices in the way we laid out the dashboard elements. Starting from the top he set a nice tone to the dashboard engaging the audience with captivating images of the players. Card design choice in my opinion is a great one for this dataset because it segregates the data by player while still allowing for comparisons where necessary.

He also used viz in tooltips very very nicely for anyone that might want to see how he did it.

He included a nice commentary section taking us back to history and letting the user get accustomed to the back story. Very smart choice for a newer audience! My favorite section int he dashboard is the flexibility to choose from metrics, players and aggregations to see game performances.

Very smart idea to also include the highlight reel of the players and awards and honors also give it a very complete look! All the charts are very appropriately placed and designed offering ease of use! I also like the fact that despite so much information on the dashboard it doesn’t look cluttered.

Well done, Adam! I better get started looking for a dataset for next month and hopefully crush you again. 😉

It’s up to you now, vote for your favorite viz below.

Voting is closed for this month, but check out the #DuoDare page for the next one.

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