The Frostbite Chart

The Frostbite Chart

I am sure most of us are currently hoping for the weather to get a bit warmer! East coast snow storms in the recent past have been super annoying to say the least. But what is a good time off without being able to visualize some seasonal data?

Recently, Adam and I collaborated after a long time on a viz that looked at wind speed, temperatures, calculated wind chill index and exactly how long it takes to frostbite if you are exposed to freezing temperatures. This was the original chart from National Weather Service:

The NWS Wind Chill Temperature (WCT) index uses advances in science, technology, and computer modeling to provide an accurate, understandable, and useful formula for calculating the dangers from winter winds and freezing temperatures. We were looking to make this chart better and look at a consistent way of visualizing time to get frostbite.

It didn’t make sense to us to see the negative temperatures on the right and the fact that frost bite color codes in the chart were inconsistently bucketed. To solve for this, we decided flip the scale so that the negative temperatures appear on the left and decided to use a frostbite calculator found here and manually entered corresponding wind speeds and temperatures to get a time in minutes. This is how the calculator looks:

Adam dictated the speeds and the temperatures and I like an obedient girl calculated each pair of speed and temperature. I hope Adam dictated them correctly, I did not double check! 😂

To create the right visual, the data has to be shaped correctly. We got this part done quickly and then it was time to let Tableau shine!

Adam did a great job with the design and making sure the chart depicts what it says. He bumped up the size of the ‘circle’ shape so it looks ‘bloated’ because its ‘Mind-Bloatingly’ cold in the East Coast. I suggested to place the ‘minute’ chart at the very top so we could use a sweet highlight action that is by far my favorite thing to do in Tableau. Coupled with a few design choices, #poojatastic lines, a few minor adjustments and ‘The Data Duo’ branding we had our frosty viz ready to share with the world.

Here is the final layout and interactivity, don’t forget to check it out on Tableau Public!

Oh and our interactive chart also got picked by Digg tonight. So fascinating!

Read the article they published here.

Thanks for reading a late night blog. Hoping we get to collaborate on more vizzes this year! Good night, all!

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