Data Visualization

What is it and why should you care?

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Honeoye Falls-Lima | STEM Lecture

Adam Crahen
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Data Visualization

To help people see
and understand data


data every
single day!

and I'm not talking
about your data plan...

More examples...

the data is out there!

We process images

faster than text

some say up to 60,000x faster
93% of human communication is visual

I've been using these throughout the presentation...

Can you spot which ones?

Try and think of an industry
that is not impacted by data...

I'll wait...

Data skills in action... parsehub | project

I use analytics and data visualization
to provide actionable information and insight
to stakeholders at all levels of our organization

Let's have a little fun!

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Putting my money
where my mouth is...

17 tools used

Tableau Desktop | Reveal.js | HTML
CSS | JavaScript | Parsehub | JSON
Photoshop | Atom | WordPress
FileZilla | SnagIt | APIs | Excel
YouTube | iMovie | PowerPoint

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